Client Agreement

Client Agreement - Code of Care

  • The client will be treated with respect and care at all times.
  • Disclosure of all information during therapy and consultations remains confidential unless:
    • The hypnotherapist has a professional obligation to report to relevant authorities any concerns if they believe the client may be intending to cause harm to themselves, the therapist or others.
    • A query on suitability or conflict of therapy with other treatment practitioners may have to be sought occasionally, with client permission.
    • The client agrees to aspects of their case being discussed with a supervisor, if necessary, on an anonymous basis.
  • The therapist is registered with the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH), the National Council for Hypnotherapy and The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and abides by their code of ethics. A full copy of The Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy’s Code of Practice is readily available (

Treatment Consent

  • All potential clients will undertake an initial consultation and will be required to sign a consent form and a Client Agreement prior to trance taking place.
  • The services and information provided are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. They are not intended to substitute the advice, treatment or diagnosis of a qualified medical professional.
  • If I am concerned about my health, I understand that it is important to seek medical advice from my GP or other Healthcare professional in the first instance. If I have any concerns about my suitability to receiving hypnotherapy due to a medical condition, I will seek advice from my GP or other Healthcare professional in the first instance and inform the therapist. If symptoms persist or worsen, I understand the importance of seeking further advice from my GP or healthcare provider.
  • I understand the importance of being truthful about my medical and personal history for the safety and effectiveness of the hypnotherapy sessions, any non-disclosure of information will be at my own risk.
  • The therapist has fully explained the procedures and treatment.
  • Sessions will only take place if the therapist deems the therapy safe for the client to receive and that I have actively chosen to receive hypnotherapy.
  • I understand that best results rely on my commitment and motivation to achieve realistic goals and I understand that results may vary from person to person. The therapist does not guarantee ‘cures’ as it would not be ethical to make such claims.
  • I understand that I will need to listen to the relaxation Download (MP3) and to consider the content of the sessions in order to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. I will not listen to the MP3 recording whilst driving or operating machinery. If I am unsure as to the suitability of the MP3 recording due to a medical condition, I will consult my GP or other Healthcare Professional.
  • Although my ‘belief’ in my ability to change is not so important, I do understand the treatment’s effectiveness is linked to my ‘wanting’ to change and therefore my commitment to the sessions.
  • I agree to attend sessions on time and not under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. The therapist reserves the right to terminate the sessions if I show any inappropriate behaviour and may refuse any further sessions.
  • Sessions will normally last between 50 and 60 minutes (unless for smoking cessation which will be between 1hr 30 and 2 hrs).
  • I accept the fee payable and note the 24 hours’ notice of cancellation of appointment that is required, otherwise the full fee will be charged. Fees for general sessions become payable at the end of each session and are to be made by bank transfer, debit card or cash. For smoking cessation sessions and weight management block booking, a deposit of 50% will be required up front and the remaining fee will be payable at the start of the initial session.
  • If I am running late or anticipate running late for the session, I will call the therapist and leave a message or I will text on 07736 065718. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate lost time, this may not always be possible, and I understand that the session may have to finish at the original scheduled finish time.
  • If the therapist has to cancel the appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, they will try to ensure that I am given as much notice as possible. If this happens, the therapist will rearrange a session at the earliest convenience of both client and therapist.
  • Respect for the client and therapist will be constantly maintained.

Online Sessions

  • I agree that I will have my camera switched on at all times during the sessions so that the therapist can see me.
  • I will ensure that during the sessions I am in a safe environment where confidentiality can be maintained.
  • I am aware that it is advisable to set an alarm to mark the end of the session, to ensure that any trance sessions do not overrun in the case of a deep trance.
  • If the online connection is lost whilst undertaking an online session and I do not hear any communication within 1 minute, I understand that I will be in control and will bring my awareness back to my present environment and open my eyes.
  • In the event of an online connection being lost, the therapist will endeavour to contact me using the contact details I have provided.
  • I agree that I will not record any of our sessions. The therapist will not be recording any sessions UNLESS there is prior consent and this has been mutually discussed and agreed and I have signed an appropriate consent form.
  • Ana Bradley Hypnotherapy is based in the UK and governed by English Law and governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of English Courts and not the law of the client’s own country.

I have read the agreement above and accept the treatment on those terms.

I confirm that I have received a copy of the GDPR regulations and how my data will be processed and stored.